Wear Forecast: Sunday
Wear Forecast: Sunday

Sofia 29-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Saturday
1. Theory top 2. Asos rings 3. Asos sneakers 4. Zara jeans

Sofia 28-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Friday
1. OAK top 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch Asos bracelet 3. Topshop shoes 4. Raoul skirt

Sofia 27-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Thursday
1. MM6 Maison Margiela 2. Zara sandals 3. Asos skirt 4. Asos earrings  

Sofia 26-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Wednesday
1. J.Crew necklace 2. Maison Margiela top 3. Asos sandals 4. Asos jeans

Sofia 25-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Tuesday
1. Handmade clutch bag 2. Illia skirt 3. Asos sandals 4. Daniel Wellington watch Asos rings 5. Topshop top

Sofia 24-08-2015
Wear Forecast: Monday
1. OAK t-shirt 2. Asos shoes 3. Asos rings 4. Asos jeans

Profiles 19-08-2015
Fashion Talks: Toas Lindner and the power of Now
You may say he’s crazy. He’s one of those young designers, who create something unique, not affected by the popular fashion flow. Thoas Lindner, a name...


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